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This website was born out of TSim+, so some quick history on how TSim+ came about is in order. When I started my trading career I wanted to be able to do simulated trading in real time with real live prices; I wanted to be able to try different strategies without placing real trades, before I played them with cash. At that time there just wasn't any software that did quite what I wanted, and so I wrote my own and thus TSim was born.

Having got used to trading with TSim, I decided I would rather like to keep using the same trading interface with easy automatic Stops and so on, to enter real-money trades with too, so live trading was added and TSim became TSim+. In the meantime, I had given copies to some trading friends who I thought might find it useful. They did, and so it figured that other traders might also find it useful, and hence this website was created as a place to distribute TSim to anyone who wanted a copy. There are now many thousands of TSim+ users around the world, trading just about every stock market and futures market out there.

Since then the site has undergone continual growth, seeing the introduction of TSimLite and TSimBO, along with the other resources and articles that you can now find here.

Why Is The Trading Software Free?

Several reasons. The whole point of writing TSim+ was to help me trade better, not to try and sell a piece of software (I had enough of that in my former career!). I want to concentrate on my trading, and getting involved in sales etc just doesn't interest me. There's also the fact that the more people there are using TSim+, the more feedback I get, and that means the more good ideas that can be incorporated into the program, which makes it better for everyone who uses it.

Happy trading!

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