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Feedback on the TSim family of trading applications, and any other aspects of the Trading Simulation website, is welcomed. I always reply to emails (as long as they are not abusive or just spam!) but I have to earn a living too, so please don't send lots of messages if you don't get a response within 5 nanoseconds of writing, I'm probably busy trading ;-)


If you are emailing for trading software support, please ensure that you have read through the FAQ pages first (TSim+ FAQ here, TSimLite FAQ here, TSimBO FAQ here) as many common queries are listed there. If the problem you are experiencing is repeatable, it is helpful if you can enable Verbose Logging in the Settings screen, restart TSim and cause the error to occur, then attach the resulting trading log to your email.

Support emails must include the edition of TSim you are using, either TSim+ / TSimLite / TSimBO, as well as the version number (click "About" on the TSim menu if you don't know the version), and the version of Windows you are using. Thanks!


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