Personal Adventures in Trading Seminars - Review

I was sent a copy of this ebook by the author, Alex Buzby. It's taken me while to get to read it, and now that I have, I find myself sitting here with very mixed feelings about it.

I'll try and explain. First, let's look at what the book contains. This is the very personal story of Alex's quest to become a profitable trader. Through the sixteen chapters, he walks us through four years of his life as he tries what seems to be every trading seminar ever offered to mankind.

Sometimes these seminars appear to offer value, and we hear about how the author traded the method taught for many months before deciding that either it didn't match his personality, or market conditions had changed and the method was no longer profitable. Sometimes it is clear straight away that the seminars were a big waste of time. In all cases, large sums of money changed hands - the most expensive trading course was $5000. At the end of each chapter, Alex sums up the lessons learnt from the experiences.

Alex finishes the book with his conclusions about what makes a successful trader, and how you should approach the career if you want to succeed.

So why the mixed feelings? Well the first thing that struck me as I started reading this book, was the bad grammar and typing errors. I'm probably being really picky here, but if I was paying for the book, I would expect a higher level of writing. But as I say, I'm being picky - this book wasn't written to be a literary masterpiece, it was written (I think) to try and get a message across.

Which brings me to what really puzzled me. What was the motivation for writing this book? Reading each sorry tale of money, time and energy spent on seminar after seminar, system after system, you can't help but feel a little sorry for the author. Anyone who has had anything to do with trading knows how difficult the journey can be, but I started to wonder if Alex hadn't become so bitter through his own experience that he needed some sort of outlet for his frustration. I've certainly paid for material that was so awful I felt the need to shout about it from the rooftops!

However, having got to the end and read the conclusion, I think that's probably not the case. I think Alex genuinely wants to warn other people about what a treacherous journey trading is. If that is the intention, the book certainly does a good job! I quickly totted up the money he explicitly mentions having spent, and it came to well over twenty thousand dollars - without counting data fees, software subscriptions, or trading losses. And let's not forget the four years of time. It's enough to put you off trading for life.

So is this book worth the $47 asking price? That depends on where you are in your trading career. If you've already got some trading experience behind you, then you probably don't need to read this book, you'll already be discovering for yourself many of the truths contained within.

If on the other hand you are just starting out, then the answer is yes, absolutely. Spending $47 now and reading this story will certainly put things in perspective for you, and will probably save you a small fortune in wasted seminar and course fees. In fact, it might as I say, put you off trading altogether - which would be a shame, because there is some good material out there.

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