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The FX Power forex trading course was developed by forex broker FXCM's education division. FXCM is one of the biggest forex brokers, with more than fifty thousand accounts and offices in major cities around the globe. With that kind of background I would expect the trading course to be something a bit special. After taking a look, I can say that it certainly doesn't disappoint.

The FX Power course is different. Very different. There is no shortage of training materials for anyone wanting to learn to trade the forex markets, but these materials are almost always wrapped up in an ebook or a printed publication. Not that there is anything wrong with ebooks, but they are very one-way. FX Power is different because it's a proper training course taught by real live certified instructors - and that means you can ask questions. That has a huge effect on the effectiveness of the training.

So how does this course work? FX Power is split into twentry two individual lessons - so one per week-day for a month. Each lesson takes around an hour, plus time for questions. Every day, the student logs into the course site to commence the lesson. Each of these lessons is held in a sort of virtual-classroom (which is based on the structure of a standard forum or bulletin board, and so is very easy and intuitive to use if you have ever used such forum software). The instructor is always on hand to answer questions as you go along. You can ask questions either publically - forum-style- or if prefer, privately directly to the instructor.

Each lesson ends with either an assignment, or a quiz, which really helps keep track of your progress. Assignments are individually reviewed by the instructors, adding to the personal feel of the whole course.

It's not all theory though, there is ample opportunity to paper-trade what you have learnt. This again provides lots of feedback on how you are progressing, and makes it easy to spot weak areas there it's necessary to go back and study some more.

The course covers everything you need to know to start trading forex. Anyone with some trading experience already might want to miss out the first couple of lessons which go over the real basics. After that, FX Power goes through technical and fundamental analysis, and as I would hope from a decent course, also discusses the most essential topics of money management, risk, and psychology.

So is it all worth it? FX Power is certainly not cheap - you could buy several eBooks for the same amount of money. But with the interactivity and instructors on hand, it provides much more than an ebook ever can. For anyone serious about trading forex to the best of their ability, then cheaper courses are probably a false economy. Poor advice can cost you more in one bad trade than the price of FX Power.

Summary: FXCM have used their massive experience of the forex markets to great effect and produced a training course that really does stand apart from the crowd. If you take your forex trading seriously, then you need a serious course, and FX Power is certainly that.

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