The Holy Grail (Of Self Improvement!)

I’ve written before about the importance of psychology in trading; I believe the reason most losing traders lose, is because they don’t have the correct mindset when they trade – they suffer from a lack of discipline or patience and stray from their plan, or from those two great enemies of every trader, fear and greed. And winning traders also suffer from these “emotional” problems too – nobody trades to the best of their ability 100% of the time.

So I am always keen to find new methods and practices for self-improvement. There are lots of techniques and disciplines around – varieties of meditation, both passive and active, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), hypnosis, the list goes on. The one thing they all have in common is that their objective is to send messages to the subconscious mind. Any psychologist will tell you that the subconscious mind is massively powerful, and in most people an almost untapped resource. If you can effectively communicate your desires to your subconscious, it will diligently work away at fulfilling them in the most efficient manner. The difficulty comes in getting the message across, which is what the aforementioned techniques are good at. The only investment they require is time; time to practise them and time to make them work.

Now I don’t often get excited about new software products, but I came across something this week that is so simple and yet so powerful, it has quite simply blown me away. It’s the sort of program that makes you wish you had thought of it first. The program is called Subliminal Power, and it is quite simply the “Holy Grail” of self-improvement techniques. As it’s name suggests, this software uses subliminal messages, but it does so in a new way. Many people will be aware of subliminal messages – they are messages that are usually buried within music or visuals in such a way that they are not seen or heard by the conscious mind, but are picked up clearly on a subconscious level. Bypassing the conscious mind is the most effective way to communicate with the subconscious.

You don’t need to set aside any time to use it

Subliminal tapes and CDs have been around for a long time, and are proven to be extremely effective in changing habits such as giving up smoking, or weight loss. What makes Subliminal Power different to other subliminal messaging products on the market is firstly, that you can easily create your own messages, and secondly, you don’t need to set aside any time to use it. You load up the program, select some messages or put in your own, and then it starts flashing them up on your PC screen while you work.

Well having found this software of course I had to try it out straight away. I downloaded and installed it, and had a look through the included programs – become more creative, public speaking, quit smoking, the usual stuff is all there. But I wanted my own, so I set up a new program with positive trading messages such as “I patiently wait for good trades”, “I am focussed on my trading”, “I accept losses easily” and so on. Once running, Subliminal Power minimises itself and after that you’d hardly know it was running- the messages flash randomly on the screen for just a few milliseconds. Every now and then you might catch a message out of the corner of your eye, but it’s not intrusive at all, you quickly forget about it, which means it’s doing it’s job.

So does it work? In a word, yes. As a trial, I had a friend set up a test message – they took a random word from an Italian dictionary and put that word and it’s English equivalent into the message (I had no idea before this experiment what form the test message would take). After my days trading, with the subliminal messages quietly flashing away, my friend said to me “Harvey, what’s the Italian for ‘frog’?” Before I even thought about it, I answered “Rana”. I don’t speak a word of Italian. Correction, I now speak one word of Italian! Without any effort on my part, I had subconsciously learnt this word. If subliminal messages can teach me new words without effort, I have no doubt that the positive trading messages I set up are getting through and will continue to do their job as well. Needless to say, Subliminal Power has now taken up permanent residency on my PC – I have a direct line of communication with my subconscious mind.

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