The Personal Touch

I had an email from a prospective purchaser of my day trading course, asking if I could put them in touch with some previous students to find out how my strategies were working for them.

Whilst I fully understand, and indeed sympathise with the need for independent verification or validation of a product, educational materials - trading related in partiular - are not like other products. Any opinion, good or bad, should be regarded with caution, even perhaps a degree of scepticism.

Here is part of my response to the email, which explains why I think this is the case.

l would say that success, and indeed failure, in trading, has much more to do with the individual than with any training course or trading methodology - mine or anyone elses. I know from personal experience that I can show a certain trade setup to 10 different people, and each will interpret and trade it slightly differently - that's just human nature.

Even more fundamental, is that trading successfully requires a strong resolve and good psychology. If someone knows what to do but utlimately cannot 'pull the trigger' or cut a losing trade short, they will fail; that's not the fault of the methodology or the teacher, it's just a personal barrier that the individual must overcome.

Personal recommendation can be useful in gauging overall product quality, but when it comes to gauging potential success, it should always be viewed subjectively.

Harvey can be contacted via his website, where you can also read about his day trading course

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