Options Secrets - Review

Option Secrets is a book that claims to teach “never before seen techniques” for trading options in the commodity futures market. It’s author used to trade professionally for a large grain trading company, so has good credentials.

Option Secrets

The package consists of the book itself (49 pages), a Probability Calculator and a Price Per Day calculator for helping determine probability and profit of potential trades. You also get a years subscription to the Option Secrets email newsletter. Two issues of the newsletter are included when you download the course. These contain further example trades and help to consolidate what has been covered in the book itself.

It is fair to say that Options trading is somewhat less straightforward than many other trading methods. For those who need some revision of the basic concepts, the author provides access to a “basic training” section on his website, which covers all the terminology used in Options trading – if you don’t know your Delta from your Theta from your Vega, then this is essential reading!

The book itself is written in quite a conversational style. It tries to make a difficult subject easier to understand, but even so, this is really not the sort of course to read if you want an introduction to options. The book covers two specific trading techniques, and gives example trades throughout.

One final note is that the author is very approachable and willing to offer further explanations if the reader feels they need more detail on any specific point. It’s nice to find a book with good backup like that.

Summary: This is not light reading, and is not intended to be. If you already have a good understanding of how Options work and want to expand on that with some new trade techniques, then Options Secrets could be for you. If you’re looking for a basic introduction to a complicated subject, then this is not the place to start.

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