Trading Life

Full time day trader and part time trading tutor, Harvey Walsh shares some of his thoughts and insights into the world of trading, as well as some of his trades in this exclusive column.

Stock Trading Seminars
If there's one thing that really winds me up about the stock trading industry...

Breakout Trading
Clearly then, trading such breakouts gives great opportunity to catch some quick big moves.

New Years Resolutions
I liked Harveys New Year message so much, I asked him to include it in the Trading Life column.

The "Myth" of Tax Free Spread Betting Profits
Tax-Free profits are great in theory, but in order for your profit to be tax-free . . .

Seven Deadly Mistakes - Part Seven
It's a blindingly obvious statement to make I know, but . . .

Seven Deadly Mistakes - Part Six might by now be wondering if this trading thing is really worth it.

Seven Deadly Mistakes - Part Five
It's a strange phenomenon that seems almost unique to the field of internet trading...

Seven Deadly Mistakes - Part Four
As traders, we are very fortunate in that we, like airline pilots, can practise and hone our skills in a risk-free environment.

Seven Deadly Mistakes - Part Three
There are two distinct sides to this subject, and for some unknown reason, most people only ever talk about one of those . . .

Seven Deadly Mistakes - Part Two
If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. . .

NEW SERIES: Seven Deadly Mistakes
By studying at the most frequent reasons for failure, we can avoid making the same mistakes as the crowd, and thus turn these negative points into positives.

Something For Nothing
The world of trading is not one that offers a great deal for free...However, I have been looking at one site which breaks the mould.

The Personal Touch
Personal recommendation can be useful in gauging overall product quality, but . . .

Managing Risk in Trading
It often amuses me when my non-trading friends tell me that they could never play the markets for a living because the risk is too great...

Watching Multiple Symbols
Many who are new to trading stocks, find that watching a number of different symbols at the same time takes some getting used to.

Trading Google - 24/8/04
The stock [Google] has only been trading for a couple of weeks, but it has seen some good volume, and great intraday moves.

Trading Records
There is a natural desire to look back at the trade and try and figure out what went wrong

An Exercise In Discipline
Trading successfully is all about obeying rules.

Breaking The Cycle
...the problem was one that is all too common among many who are relatively new to the business of day trading

Backup Plans
Trading is a very technology dependent activity...

38 Steps to Becoming A Trader
...It accurately describes the process most traders go through on their long and winding path to success.

The Holy Grail (of Self Improvement) is quite simply the 'Holy Grail' of self-improvement techniques.

Trading Plans
I was tidying up some files on my PC this week...

Size Matters
Many stock traders start by trading very small sizes, such as 100 shares per trade...

Trend Trading
We’ve probably all heard the expression 'Let the trend be your friend'

Accountability In Trading
I had an email from a trader who told me he has been having problems with discipline...

Trade - MVSN - 4/5/04

Trade - BIIB - 28/4/04

Execution Is Everything
I am of the belief that the single biggest barrier to success...

If I've noticed one thing all traders have in common...

This column is regularly updated.

Harvey can be contacted via his website, where you can also read about his day trading course

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