What Is TSimBO?

TSimBO, user friendly interface

TSimBO is nothing to do with personal hygiene! It is a utility for automatic trading of time range breakouts. Simply set up the start and end times of the range you want to trade, specify a variety of other flexible options, and then kick back and let TSimBO manage your breakout trade automatically. TSimBO, like the rest of the TSim family, is completely free to download and use. Trades can be either simulated or live.

Flexible Trading

TSimBO lets you breakout trade any stock or futures symbol your IB account will allow, including the popular EUR and GBP currency futures, and the ES, NQ, and YM index futures. You can specify the number of shares or contracts to trade, apply range offsets, attach optional target and stop orders (including trailing stops), and a time to automatically exit your position. All live orders are sent to TWS as an OCA group, with stops and targets attached, so if you lose your connection TWS will continue to manage your orders.

TSimBO Features :

- Simulated and Live trading
- Trade any share or futures contract your account has permissions for
- Apply offsets to the breakout range
- NEW: Optional bar-breakouts
- NEW: Trade cut-off time
- Trade Long only, Short only, or allow both
- Manually set the breakout range if you miss the start
- Attach optional target limit and stop loss orders, including trailing stops
- Enter on standard Stop or Stop Limit orders
- Automatically close out position at a preset time
- Panic button to close manually and / or cancel any pending orders
- Audible alerts on fill
- Everything is logged to the screen and a log file

For more information and screenshots, have a look at the Instructions page. Or jump straight to the Downloads page.

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