What's New In TSimBO

v 1.1.1 - Released 22/7/04

Version 1.1.1 is a maintenance release to allow TSimBO to work with the latest version of IB's API interface.

- CHANGED Now works with API 8.06

v1.1.0 - Released 15/7/04

Version 1.1 adds some new features suggested by TSimBO users. Most notable are the "no trade after" time, and the entry on bar close. This latter option allows the trading of strategies that require the breakout to be confirmed by a bar closing outside of the range, rather than just breaking out but retracing and closing back within the range. The No Trade After time gives the option of specifying a cut off time after which trades will not be entered, which means there is no danger of finding yourself in a new position only 2 minutes before the close out time.

- ADDED  Advanced range setup tab, can specify range times to within 1 minute
- ADDED  No Trade After cut-off time
- ADDED  Option to enter only when bar closes outside the range
- ADDED  All settings now saved on exit
- CHANGED  Breakout offsets now default to 1 tick
- FIXED  Tried to cancel trades at close time even after position complete

v1.0.0 - Primary Release 26/5/04

- This is the first release of TSimBO.

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