TSimLite Installation

To install the TSimLite trading simulator, download the full installation package from the Downloads page of this site (approx 2Mb). The download file ("tsimlitexxx.exe" - xxx = version number) is a self installing package, run it by double clicking on it, then follow the prompts. The trading application will be installed to \program files\tsimlite - this is where trade log files are created. A shortcut to TSimLite will be created on your Start menu in a group called "TSimLite".

The TSimLite simulator connects to the market data feed on port 9999, so if you are behind a firewall you will need to open this port before starting the application.

And that's it! No other programs need to be installed, you don't need to set up any accounts on any websites to start accessing the live data, you can start paper trading right away.

If you have any problems installing or running TSimLite, please read the FAQ before emailing me as you may find an answer there.

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