Whats New in TSimLite

v 1.1.0 - TSimLite (Updated version released 18/3/05)

This release includes modifications to handle an updated data feed format. All functions work as before.
Additionally, the installer package format has been changed to provide a smoother install and uninstall process.

v 1.0.0 - TSimLite (Primary Release, 18/2/04 )

This is the first release of the new Lite version of the TSim trading simulator, with free price quotes for world stock markets, as well as forex (currency) prices.

TSimLite has been developed using the same proven trading engine at the heart of it's bigger brother, TSim+. This means that it has solid foundations on which to grow over time.

As new versions of the software are released, you will find detailed information about the updates and changes here on this page.

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