TSim+ Installation

1. Before you download and install TSim+, please ensure you have the TWS API version 8.71 installed. If you don't already have it, you can download it here. That downloads a file called InstallAX.exe which you must run (double click) to install the API files.

2. To install TSim+, download the full installation package from the downloads page of this site (approx 2Mb). The download file (tsimplusxxx.exe - xxx = version number) is a self installing package, run it by double clicking on it, then follow the prompts. The application will be installed to \program files\tsimplus - this is where trade log files are created. A shortcut to TSim+ will be created on your Start menu in a group called TSimPlus.

3. Tell TWS to allow TSim+ to connect to it by going to its Configure menu, selecting API, and ensuring that the Enable ActiveX and Socket Clients option is checked. You need only do this once.

4. You can now run TSim+ from the newly created shortcut on the Start Menu. Full instructions for use can be found here.

5. If you are trading Futures contracts, you may need to change the contract expiry date as the defaults included with TSim+ may have expired. Again, please refer to the Instructions page to find out how to use the Symbol Editor.

Upgrades: If you are upgrading from a previous version of TSim, you must remove that first using the Add and Remove Programs option in Control Panel. TSim+ uses an updated version of IB's software, and previous versions of TSim are not compatible with this.

If you have any problems installing or running TSim+, please read the FAQ before emailing me as you may find an answer there.

Contract Configuration

Version 2.0.0 onwards includes a symbol editor, there is no longer any need to manually edit the contracts file. See the Instructions page for more information about using the editor. The following sample Futures contracts and stocks are included in the installed contracts file.

    DJ EuroStoxx 50 (ESTX50)
    FTSE 100 (Z)
    EMini S&P (ES)
    Emini Nasdaq (NQ)
    Mini Dow (YM)

As mentioned above, you may need to update the expiry dates for the included contracts if they have rolled over since the last TSim+ release.

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