Futures Contract Rollover In TSim+

If you trade Futures contracts using TSim+, you need to rollover to the new front-month contract every three months. In other words, you need to tell TSim+ to start trading a new contract.

Most popular US Futures (ES, NQ, YM etc) are settled on the third Friday of the month, and rollover day - the day we start trading the new contract - occurs one week and one day before hand. European futures rollover a little later, usually on the settlement day. You can find out settlement and rollover dates for your contract from the website of the exchange where it trades - look for the contract specifications page.

Updating the contract month in TSim+ is easy, here's how to do it:

Click For Symbol Editor Video Tutorial

1. Open TSim+ and on the Tools menu, select the Edit Symbols option.

2. In the Symbol Editor window, scroll down the list to locate the contract you want to change, and double click on it to bring the details up in the editor.

3. In the bottom left corner of the Symbol Editor window, change the month number. If currently trading month 03 (March) for example, you would change this number to 06 for June.

4. Click the Save button.

Repeat the above steps for each contract you are trading.

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