What's New In TSim+

v 2.4.0 - TSim+ (Released 6th December 2005)

Version 2.4 is primarily an update to work with the latest version of IB's API software. But it also sees the addition of one of the most often requested features - switchable fill modes for simulated Limit orders. The two fill modes are Optimistic (the way TSim+ has always worked), and Pessimistic. With Pessimistic fills, the Last price must trade past the Limit order price before the order fills. This is particularly useful when testing out new trading strategies, as it means fills are simulated on a worst-case-scenario basis, ie if the system works in simulation, it should work at least as well if not better, in the live market.
Optimistic mode is the default setting, you can change the fill mode in the Config screen - select Settings from the Tools menu.
Here's the full list of changes in this release:

- ADDED Optimistic / Pessimistic Fill Mode options
- ADDED Emini Russell 2000 (ER2) Contract to standard config
- UPDATED All futures contracts to March 2006
- CHANGED Works with latest API 8.71 and TWS 854
- CHANGED Stock Entry Mode commissions updated to new price structure
- CHANGED auto.out file now written to TSim program folder
- FIXED tsim.efs file now included in install

v 2.3.0 - TSim+ (Released 5th April 2005)

This release updates TSim+ to work with the new format API from Interactive Brokers. Version 2.3 also sees some additional features requested by traders, notably in the area of automation. The auto-trading subsystem now offers a return file, which means your signal generating application can determine when an order has been filled. A full list of modifications can be found below:

- ADDED Quick stock entry mode for automation
- ADDED Automation return file
- ADDED Configurable TWS Socket port
- ADDED Configurable background colour in Market Data area
- ADDED Alarms screen remembers its last position
- CHANGED Now works with API version 8.30
- CHANGED Installer package format

v 2.2.1 - TSim+ (Released 22nd July 2004)

This is a maintenance release which fixes a couple of minor bugs, and to allow TSim+ to work with the new IB's new API interface software.

- FIXED Quick change buttons now work in Live mode when multiple contracts open
- FIXED Clicking quick change button headers with no orders no longer causes error
- CHANGED Increased size of AutoStop and Target boxes for longer prices (eg Yen)
- CHANGED Now works with API version 8.06

v 2.2.0 - TSim+ (Released 5th April 2004 )

Version 2.2 adds more new features requested by TSim+ traders, fixes some minor bugs, and contains improvements to the order execution system. In keeping with TSims "simple interface" philosophy, not all of the new features are immediately obvious and may need to be enabled via the redesigned Settings screen (on the Tools menu).

New things first... Stop Limit orders are now available and can be sent both from the Advanced order buttons tab and as Auto Stop orders. They can be set to trail in the same way as standard stops.

An often requested feature new in 2.2 is a set of one-click order modification buttons. These allow you to move stop and limit order prices, and cancel orders, with a single mouse click. The rapid "move stop to breakeven" option has also been reintroduced, and is now configurable allowing you to quickly move an Auto Stop to order to breakeven plus enough ticks to cover your commission.

Optional audio alerts have been added to let you know when stop, limit, and stop-limit orders have been filled, and an alert that sounds when a trailing stop is moved. These alerts can be enabled individually.

For stock traders, there is now a stock symbol entry mode which alleviates the need to pre-configure all stock symbols in the symbol editor. It's available from the Tools menu.

There have been some improvements to the underlying order handling process too. The first of these is the way partial fills are handled in Live mode, something that is of particular importance to stock traders. TSim+ now sends Auto Stop and Auto Target orders to IB as soon as the first fill notification is received; as the order continues to fill, these orders are automatically updated to reflect the position size. Thus no matter how much or how little of an order is filled, there is a Stop order in place to exit the whole position but no more and no less.

An important change is an improvement to the way Auto Stop and Auto Target orders are handled. Previous versions sent the stop and target offset with each order, but the setting to determine if the stop and / or target order was actually placed was on a system wide basis. Now all the settings are sent with each individual order, making it possible to place a variety of Limit and Stop orders each with their own combination of auto stops and targets attached.

A full list of changes and fixes is below. For full details of how to use the new features, please refer to the updated TSim+ instructions.

ADDED : Stop Limit orders (can be used both for entry and as Auto Stops)
ADDED : Optional one click buttons for quicker changing of Stop and Limit prices from the Orders grid (enabled from Settings)
ADDED : Optional one click buttons for quicker canceling orders from the Orders grid (enabled from Settings)
ADDED : Optional audio alerts on Stop fill, Limit fill, and Trailing stop move
ADDED : Stock entry mode for trading stocks without predefining them in Symbol Editor
ADDED : Symbol name shown in title of Modify Order window
CHANGED : Auto Stops and Targets now placed on partial fills and updated as the rest of the order fills
CHANGED : Auto Stop and Auto Target order settings are now attached with each individual order instead of being system-wide
CHANGED : Improved Orders grid updating
CHANGED : Modify Order window now opens in last used position
CHANGED : Cosmetic changes to Settings screen to allow for additional features
FIXED : Bug in sim-mode stops (stop was triggered if stop price was fewer digits than current price)
FIXED : Problem with Auto Stops and Auto Targets being cancelled when more than one position in same symbol
FIXED : Maximum sizes for point value in symbol editor (affected some currency futures)
FIXED : Correct decimal places in price entry boxes on Advanced and Custom order tabs
FIXED : Correct decimal places shown in status bar and log files
FIXED : CloseAll Auto command could sometimes cancel it's own closing orders
FIXED : Improved auto.tsm file format checking

v 2.1.0 - TSim+ (Released 18th November 2003 )

This release adds some new features requested by TSim+ users. The first of these is real time Open P&L. This is calculated using the Average Price (another new addition to the version 2.1 screen incidentally) and the Last traded price. All open positions are updated with every tick. The ability to manage multiple positions in any combination of stocks and futures, each with real time updating Open P&L really makes TSim+ stand out from the crowd I think :-)

The next new feature is Trailing Stops. Auto Stop orders can be set to trail by the Auto Stop offset amount, and the Trail on/off setting is saved with each symbol you have set up. Additionally any other Stop order can be made to trail using the Modify Order window (select the Stop order in the list, right click for the popup menu and select "Modify"). You can use the same window to cancel a trail, as well as manually move the Stop price of course. A couple of new Auto commands have also been included to switch Trailing Stops on and off (and there's a new "CancelAll" Auto command to cancel pending orders without closing open positions too). On the subject of Automatic mode, the "Max Contracts Open" option has been re-enabled after it's temporary removal from version 2. This works on a Per Symbol basis; for example, if set to 2, with two NQ contracts already open an auto order to open another NQ contract would be rejected, but such an order to open an ES contract, for example, would be accepted.

Going back to Stops, a "Double Last" type Stop option has been implemented. This is particularly useful when trading stocks, where a single trade may go off well outside the market causing Stop orders to trigger. The new feature makes Simulation mode even more realistic in mirroring IB's Double Last Stops, but goes slightly further in allowing you to specify even more than 2 consecutive trades at or beyond your Stop price to trigger it. See the Instructions page for details of this option.

TSim+ 2.1.0 is even more configurable than prior versions; you can now specify your own colours used in the Orders grid and Market Data area. This release also introduces an option to specify the IP address of the PC running TWS, allowing you to use TSim+ in a networked environment. Additionally, you can use multiple copies of 2.1.0 on the same PC. And for Bond and Currency traders, it's now possible to specify the number of decimal places each symbol trades to.

Finally, as well as a tweak to the column order in the Orders grid, there are a couple of minor bug fixes in this release, see below for details.

ADDED : Can specify number of trades to trigger Stop (similar to IBs "Double Last" method)
ADDED : Trailing stops (set per symbol)
ADDED : Average price to Position grid
ADDED : Real time Open P&L to Position grid
ADDED : Configurable decimal formats for each symbol
ADDED : Configurable colours for Market Data and Orders grid
ADDED : Can specify IP address of PC running TWS
ADDED : New Auto commands:
    CancelAll (Kill all pending orders)
    TrailOn (Enable trailing stops on subsequent orders)
    TrailOff (Disable trailing stops on subsequent orders)
CHANGED : Max tick and value per point sizes increase
CHANGED : Can now run multiple instances of TSim+ on the same machine
CHANGED : P&L and Comms in Position grid shown with currency symbols
CHANGED : Columns in Position grid are resizable
CHANGED : Column order in Orders grid, Quantity fields now visible without scrolling
CHANGED : Cosmetic changes to Config screen
CHANGED : Re-enabled Max Contracts auto option, applies per symbol
FIXED : Bug in "Close All" button which meant not all positions were closed if futures and stock positions open at the same time
FIXED : Colour config now visible when in Always On Top mode

v 2.0.0 - TSim+ (Released 22nd August 2003)

Version 2 of TSim+ has seen the entire order handling process re-written from the ground up. This was necessary to be able to implement three highly desirable and often requested features - proper support for Limit and Stop orders, the ability to have positions in different symbols open at the same time, and the possibility of trading stocks. All of these features have been added to version 2.

Because of the large amount of work required in rewriting the order processing, there haven't been many other changes in this release - it's more about "under the bonnet" changes than bells and whistles (although there are a few of those too!). However, it does lay stronger foundations for new features to be added to subsequent versions, and I still have my "wish list" comprising things that I want to add and suggestions from TSim+ users. I don't publish this list because doing so may give the impression that everything on it will make it into the program at some point, and unfortunately I can't promise that!

Performance Figures : It's worth mentioning these briefly because existing users will notice that the Average Win / Average Loss figures have gone in version 2. The reason is of course, that with the ability to trade multiple symbols (each of which may be in different currencies), these figures would be meaningless.

ADDED : Multiple positions open at any time (i.e. different symbols)
ADDED : Full support for Limit and Stop orders
ADDED : Support for stock trading
ADDED : Change price and quantity of pending order
ADDED : Colour coded orders list
ADDED : Overview of all open positions
ADDED : eSignal symbol linking for US Stocks
ADDED : Customisable order buttons
ADDED : Close All button (close all open positions)
ADDED : Cancel All option (cancel all pending orders)
ADDED : Symbol editor
ADDED : Auto Stop and Target offset saved with symbol
ADDED : Always On Top option
ADDED : New Auto commands
ADDED : New Auto order types
CHANGED : Improved order handling
CHANGED : Performance figure handling (due to multi-position and currency)
CHANGED : Menu layout
CHANGED : Auto order position pre-checking (due to multi-positions)

v1.0.3 (Released 28th February 2003)

FIXED : Reporting of contracts bought / sold was not always correct (although quantity traded was)

v1.0.2 (Released 26th February 2003)

ADDED : Live trading mode
ADDED : Commission tracking
ADDED : Total Profit / Loss in contract currency
ADDED : Optional Auto-Targets
ADDED : Buy/Sell Two/One Buttons
ADDED : Quick "Move stop to BreakEven + 1 Tick" option
ADDED : Display options on Market Data numbers
ADDED : Total Points and Total P/L can be hidden by right clicking on them
ADDED : Optional audio alert on countdown timer
ADDED : Entry and exit time shown on Orders grid
ADDED : Reconnect to TWS menu option
ADDED : Up and Down buttons for quick changing of stops and targets
ADDED : Win / Loss % written to log file
ADDED : Automatic mode
CHANGED : Buy/Sell at Market buttons now Buy/Sell at Quantity
CHANGED : Flat trades count as losses (required for win / loss % figures to add up)
CHANGED : Changing symbols now resets performance figures and clears orders grid
CHANGED : When adding text to logfile, pressing [Enter] is the same as clicking the Add button. (Use CTRL-Enter to add a new line to the note text)
FIXED : Formatting of performance figures for instruments which trade to decimal places (e.g. Bond futures)
FIXED : Correct current price now traded after simulated delay
FIXED : Problem that sometimes occurred if Stop price hit at the same time as order manually closed

v0.3.1 (Released 5th December 2002)

ADDED : Integrated alarm schedule for warning of impending figures. Alarms can prevent trading immediately before figures due out
ADDED : Local clock + two configurable time zone clocks
ADDED : Configurable countdown timer for timing chart bars
ADDED : Performance figures written to log file on exit
ADDED : Status bar reports last action
ADDED : Minimise button
ADDED : Tool tips to some areas
ADDED : Ability to add stops to open orders
CHANGED : Reversed orders grid, new orders now added at the top. Saves scrolling to the bottom each time you place an order
CHANGED : Cosmetic changes to Market Data area
CHANGED : Annotate log file, text removed from edit box once added to the file
FIXED : Performance figures were not updating after Stop hit
FIXED : Flat trades were counted as losers, now counted separately (reported in log file at end of session)
FIXED : Stops were not triggered immediately if last price already at stop price

v0.2.0 (Released 2nd December 2002)

FIXED : Contracts Open not reported correctly after stop hit
FIXED : Stopped on all short orders
FIXED : Simulated delay on stop orders not working
FIXED : Stop price not reported in log file
CHANGED : Minor cosmetic changes

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